WordPress Disable Comments Step By Step Easy Tutorial with Images

WordPress Disable Comments Step By Step Easy Tutorial with Images.

WordPress is one of the most loved CMS on the internet and Comments helps the Bloggers to build community and they can quickly change any post into a discussion forum. Even with all these benefits of having Comments section enabled on the Posts and page, sometimes it becomes really a big problem due to spam, hateful comments and self-promotional comments.

Which leads to wastage of precious time. Another reason for Disabling Comments in WordPress is performance, each and every comment is like a call to the system, which uses resources on the Production Server.

In Today ‘s guide, we will discuss how the WordPress Disable Comments feature works without any plugin and also by using all the free plugins on the internet. So let’s begin with the easy way out. There are so many plugins available in the market that can perform this task in minutes.


Let’s begin with the guide, the first one on the list is the Disable comments Plugin. This plugin is very easy to install, but you should only use this plugin when you want to remove comments in word. This plugin will basically remove all the commenting options from the Posts, Pages, etc. It’s a free plugin, so you can fix this problem without much of a hassle.

Wordpress Disable Comments Plugin

If you don’t wish to remove comments from word then you can use another plugin that has free and Pro versions available. This plugin is called “Akismet “, configuring this plugin is very easy. You just need to signup on the official website and add the API key in your WordPress plugin.

This plugin will monitor the spam on your WordPress website and block all the self-promotional, garbage comments from your posts and pages. Now let’s move to another part where you don’t want to use any plugin and do things by yourself.

How to remove Comments in WordPress?

There are multiple options available in the WordPress Dashboard, we can completely disable comments in WordPress or partially enable them for some posts.


To get rid of comments on the existing posts, Follow these instructions

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard > Comments

  • Select all the comments you want to disable or remove from the posts and pages.

  • Select bulk action and move them to trash.


Allowing comments on existing  selected posts and Pages

 You may want to allow comments on a few selected posts or pages. In order to do this, you can simply follow these instructions.

  • Go to Dashboard and Select Posts.

  • Now click on Bulk > Edit

  • Select the Posts you to update.

  • Now under the Categories option, you can see the Comments option

  • Click on it and you will get the option to disable WordPress comments or enable them for any posts.

Disable Comments on Existing Posts


How to Disable Comments on All the  Future WordPress Posts

To disable comments on all the future posts you can simply go to the Dashboard > Settings > Discussion Settings and enable/ Disable it. By using this feature on WordPress your future posts won’t have comments section enabled and you can work on the Quality content, without wasting your time in cleaning up the spam content.

Turn off comments for Future Posts


Apart from this option, you can directly block comments on the individual posts while creating it. Just scroll down on your WordPress post and Find the options discussion and select the options according to your preferences.

By using WordPress’s ‘ default Discussion option we can control comments related tasks without any issue. Here are some of the important things you can perform to secure your Posts from spamming


  • Allow comments after the Administrator ‘s Approval. Technically this will stop spam comments to get filtered through the authorized person. It will not completely stop the process but it will allow you to manage genuine comments that are important for your posts.

  • Allowing only registered users to comment, it will decrease the number of irrelevant comments on the posts, as spammers don’t prefer to signup to save time.

  • Disable comments on older posts.


Now to conclude this guide, It’s quite easy to manage the comments section for a niche website on a small scale. You can use the above-mentioned methods to remove comments from the word. But with the websites having huge traffic. They can opt-in for Forums, Disqus or social media integrations. If you like this post do comment on it 🙂

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